Mental Health and Wellness during the Lockdown

In the wake of COVID-19, the reality of life as we know it is being redefined on a daily basis. As we grapple with the evolving scenarios, the many challenges that come our way everyday are causing fear, stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It is natural to struggle with different emotions related to the the new norm of the world order. Instead of resisting the negative feelings, try accepting and adsorbing the truth of your situation and you will save energy to then pursue your goals.
“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” ― Aldous Huxley
Your concerns about paying bills, rent and your mortgage on time, providing for your children and retaining your job may seem exceedingly burdensome. But, remember, your perception of your present and your planning for your future will help you get through these unprecedented times. Remember to see the positives. For e.g. with the lockdown in place, you are saving on transport and social activities.
With each passing day, governments, businesses, and communities are coming up with new solutions to see everyone get through these tough times. So sit back, take a deep breath, and start your journey to your best self by organising your tasks. Prioritize what issues need immediate action. If you are experiencing loss of income, seek out programs launched by the government and communities to help individuals impacted by the current crisis, for e.g.  Support Finder Tool , or Turn2us, and avail the benefits being offered to you. You may also reach out to us at Adroit Accountax for help or if you are worried about paying your mortgages, then speak to your bank, as many are offering mortgage breaks.
If you are unemployed or furloughed, there is no doubt that you are dealing witha difficult situation, but remember to keep yourself active. Eventually, the economy is bound to turn around and there will be work. For now, stay in touch with colleagues and reach out to folks in your network to see if your skills can be of need. Staying connected is vital.
The current circumstances are tough on your mental, physical and emotional health. Whether you are isolating alone or with your family, the dynamics of your relationships are changing.  You may be tired and stressed from carrying out an endless list of chores and tasks intended to care for your kids or  family living with you. Consider switching off and delegating duties. If you live by yourself and crave company of others, schedule virtual meetings with your loved ones. Pick up your phone and call the friend or family member you lost touch with since you got busy with your adult life.
Take a stroll keeping physical distancing in mind or exercise to blow off steam. If you are concerned about your mental health, reach out to your GP for advice. For immediate help, contact your local A&E. Remember, we are in this together. Stay in touch with family and friends, talk about your struggles, listen to others, limit your screen time, plan and adhere to schedules and routines as much as possible, and contribute by doing random acts of kindness.
Reach out, regroup, and organize. Eventually, this too shall pass!