Pricing Plans

FEE : £30+VAT per hour (£40+VAT per hour for visit to your premises)

Bookkeeping Services and VAT

  • Entering and/or verifying the entry of customer and supplier invoices
  • Emailing / communicating any queries related to the accounts for the period
  • Reconciliation and/or verification of the of all bank, loan and credit card accounts
  • Reporting aged debtors and creditors (if applicable)
  • Entering and/or verifying the entry of payments and receipts from bank
  • Ensuring the correct integration of different business systems into the accounting record, (for example point-of-sale systems)
  • Reporting Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, other reports as required
  • Prepare VAT report on a quarterly basis and file them HMRC after your approval

Our fee – We charge £30+VAT per hour for work done from our premises and £40+VAT per hour for visit to your premises and we will fix amount of hours before we start the work based on estimated time it will take.
If we are spending 15 minutes extra, we wouldn’t change any extra fee but if we realize the work is a lot more than what we estimated then we will discuss this with you to adjust bookkeeping hours. This is usually done on a quarterly basis to avoid any change in fee just because there was extra work in one month.

Management Reports

FEE: £40+VAT per hour

  • We can also provide you with bespoke Management report on a monthly basis or quarterly basis whichever way you like
  • If we are doing your bookkeeping, then we can spend a few extra hours to prepare the report for you

Medium/Large Corporate

£300+VAT per year

  • You will raise invoices and complete expenses through our provided template
  • Capital Allowance calculation
  • Annual Business Accounts
  • Self-Assessment tax return (if no other income apart from sole trade income)